Puppy Linux® for Windows®

works with Windows with no need for floppy disk and no need for cd-rom drive

currently available:

PupWin98 Puppy Linux for Windows 98
PupWinQE QEMU Emulator for Windows XP

These implementations do not modify your Windows installation in any way. Very simply, files are placed on your hard disk drive. With PupWin98, Puppy Linux runs outside Windows, starting from MS-DOS launched by an icon on your Windows desktop. With PupWinQE, Puppy Linux runs inside Windows, starting from an icon on your Windows desktop. PupWinQE needs a fast computer, typical for Windows XP. Almost too simple to explain.

These implement Puppy Linux (PuppyOS.com Home Page) distributed as zip archive files with a few pieces added to start from your Windows desktop. For Windows 98, you'll need an un-zip program like ALZip® or WinZip® to handle the zip file. Windows XP has adaquate zip facilities. For technical details and help, visit the Forum at murga-linux.com/puppy/ and the Wiki at PuppyLinux.org/wikka/.

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