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Dust-Free Film Drying With The Minox Daylight Developing Tank

Air-Pump Version
Purchase at a pet store (in the fish section): an air-pump and at least two feet of air-hose. Obtain the nozzle from a "Silicone Sealant" package. Cut off the tip and attach the air-hose to the nozzle. Pull the cotton from both ends of a cotton swab (Q-Tips) and stuff into the nozzle. Insert a pin to keep cotton in place. Connect the other end of the air-hose to the air-pump.
Look at the cotton in the nozzle; replace if it looks dirty. Power-up the air-pump. Insert nozzle into the top of the Minox Tank. Park the assembly in a clean, dry location. Wait for several hours (3-9 depending on humidity) until dry.

Container Version
Find an appropriate container, large enough to contain the Minox Tank. Plastic is easier to drill the many holes; a metal can may rust. I use a plastic coffee can, about 5" tall, 4" diameter. Drill holes around the can, with no holes in the area of the filter edges. Cut a piece of copier paper (or lint-free filter material) to fit inside can covering holes. Tape (or glue) the edges of the filter to the can.
Remove Tank2Dry lid. Invert tank. Lift shell off spiral while moving rubber-band from shell to hold film cassette in place. Keep film tight around spiral. Keep spiral and lid together with rubber-band. Do not touch film. Put spiral with lid, still inverted, inside Tank2Dry and re-cap Tank2Dry. Park it in a clean, dry location. Wait for many hours (12-36 depending on humidity) until dry.

While both versions are simple and effective, the Air-Pump Version dries film faster and assembly is easy, but the Container Version is free and needs no electricity.

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