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Minox Film Project

This project describes my procedures for slitting/loading, exposing, developing and scanning film used by the Minox subminiature film cameras: A(IIIs), B, C, BL, EC.

I try to follow the minimalist philosophy of the essential Minox. The small size. Two-ounce chemistry. Minox Daylight Developing Tank. The least necessary to do the most. In the spirit of Minox, I have designed and built a daylight film-slitter cartridge-loading tool, a digital camera "scanner" platform, an LED flash attachment, and two film drying devices.

I most enjoy working with B&W because monochrome works through the human brain in an artful manner, allowing the observer opportunity for imagination to soar. And, I want to use one film regardless of lighting conditions. I can do this with Tri-X film developed in Diafine two-step chemistry.

So: Minox, Tri-X, Diafine and my inventions (build them yourself).

Daylight Slit And Load Minox Film - SlitLoadTM (not ready for publication)
Eye-Friendly Camera Flash - MeekFlashTM
Chemicals for Minox Tri-X Film Development
Minox Film Development
Dust-Free Film Drying - Tank2DryTM
Carrier For Minox Film In Scanner Tray
Camera Scanner For Minox Film - ScanDcamTM (not ready for publication)

The Minox system is "incomplete" without additional tools: Limited availability of film types, specifically no Tri-X (400TX) film; No tools for daylight-loading of film cartridges; No scanner for tiny film. Therefore, I needed to design and build several devices to "complete" the Minox system. The image on Minox film is 8x11mm (~5/16x7/16in). Tiny. Dust particles become boulders. Designing tools for the Minox system requires ingenuity and respect for minimalism. The Minox tank is a perfect example: A really simple design to transfer film from cartridge to tank in total darkness and free of contaminants, operated in daylight. I applied this approach with my SlitLoad device, a simple design to push the film into the cartridge while the film is being slit, in total darkness and free of contaminants, operated in daylight. Another is my Tank2Dry device, a simple design to dry the film while still in the tank, and with filtered air. And, my ScanDcam device, a simple design to hold the images of a film strip over a light source and under a 10x magnifier with a Minox Leica M3 Plus digital camera. And, my MeekFlash LED strobe inside a classic Minox flashbulb unit.

I think Walter Zapp would approve.

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