PecuniaryTagTM free personal accounting and tax reporting software
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pecuniary [pi-kyoo'-nee-er'-ee] - consisting of or relating to money
For demonstration and experimentation, use the book named learn.
Operation is really simple.
Entries are stored as applied, so safely quit or crash at any time.
Your data is kept on your computer - not sent over the Internet.

Setup your books, accounts and tags with the modify links.
Note new titles are added automatically as you enter transactions.
Use the entry link (top-right) to enter transactions.

For information on any function, just move the cursor over one of the [?] tips.
When you're totally familiar with operation, you can hide[?]tips (top-right).
When accounts and tags are setup, you can hide modify menu (top-right).
PecuniaryTag is my personal replacement for Quicken and TurboTax.
I'm not an accountant and certainly not a tax accountant, but a computer
scientist, and I use this software for my own accounting and tax reporting.
So, if you have questions or suggestions about PecuniaryTag, I'm all ears.
PecuniaryTag requires Web 2.0 HTML5 browser (Firefox 3.6, etc.)
and is programmed entirely in JavaScript.
Installation is automatic using the manifest facility.
(Simply bookmark/favorites this page.)
This means you can run this program without the Internet.
Please reply "Allow" to the message like this near the top of screen:
  This website ( is asking to store data on your computer for offline use.      
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