".. when all you need is a place for notes and dates."
".. when anything else is just a bit too big."

No staples - no binding - it's like magic!
Eight pages on a sheet.
Pages are 2 inches wide and 3 inches tall.
Fold. One cut. Re-fold.

Print the OctaPage Guide
With easy-to-follow instructions.
OctaPage Guide

Available OctaPage Calendars

Week Calendar
Month Calendar
Year Calendar

And, Your Daily Prayers
My Daily Prayers

Tested and works with Mozilla Firefox 3.5


Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 almost works, needs ActiveX and has typeface-js problems.

Use this Page Setup:
Portrait orientation, Shrink-to-Fit, and
margins (in inches) at
0.4 Left & Right and 0.3 Top & Bottom.
Headers and footers are optional.


Print the page. Trim excess paper, if desired.

Fold between all the lines.
Then cut between pages 1&6 and 2&5.

Re-fold between the lines between pages 6&7 and 1&8 so pages 6&7 and 1&8 face each other.

Re-fold between the lines between pages 4&5 and 2&3 so pages 4&5 and 2&3 face each other.

Lay sheet on table with page 1 at bottom.
Fold pages 1&2 to right, pages 5&6 to left.

Fold farthest pages under.
Fold left pages under.

Crease all folds.

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OctaPage is a trademark of John G. Derrickson